Esquire magazine’s chief sub predicts good times for great journos

25 03 2010

Jeremy White, Esquire magazine

Jeremy White, Esquire magazine

Jeremy White, chief sub of Esquire magazine, came to talk to students at Brighton Journalist Works this week.

He said: “It’s a good time to be entering the journalism profession now. There are more jobs being advertised now than last year and magazine readership figures are on the up.”

Esquire magazine readership is increasing and so is Men’s Health magazine, both produced by NatMags. He hopes the magazine will take on a new sub very soon and students from Brighton Journalist Works, who all do their work experience there, will be in the front of the queue.

“We love having students from Journalist Works at Esquire, they are well trained and lovely,” he said. He gave students advice on how to succeed at work experience: “Do your homework on the magazine before you get there, so you know all the different sections and hit the ground running from day one.”

He said that while there were a lot of people out there looking for jobs in journalism, there were not many good ones.

“If you are good you will get a job,” he said. Students at JW are on a regular rota for work experience at Esquire.

Another place students can apply for work experience via JW is the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine – just voted Supplement of the Year in the Press Gazette awards. Ex student Emma Laurence has just done a month work experience with them and they voted her “Intern of the Month”.

They have now offered her two-four regular shifts a week.