Success stories

Top exam results

We are small and beautiful.  We have small classes of around 20 or less, so every student gets individual attention.

So we do not make claim to “processing” vast numbers of students through the NCTJ exams.

Since September 2011,  32 students passed all their exams with us and 25 of them achieved the gold standard (passing all exams at grades A-C) according to official NCTJ statistics.  That makes us one of the top four NCTJ centres in the country.

Every student who started their NCTJ course at Journalist Works in January 2012, achieved the gold standard in Essential Media Law and Production Journalism. That means we are the best NCTJ centre in the country at teaching Production Journalism.  We are also brilliant at teaching the Business of Magazines module and all the other modules too.

As for shorthand, our students pass their 100wpm shorthand quicker than any other centre in the country.  Eleven students from our last group (April 2012) passed shorthand at 100 wpm or faster within just 14 weeks. And every student (12) passed shorthand at 80wpm.

“I loved the fact it was a small course as we all got a very good amount of attention and liked the fact all the lecturers knew who we were. I never felt too intimidated to ask for help.”

Kayleigh Tanner

You have a better chance of qualifying with us

98% of our students pass all their exams first time around
The national average for NCTJ newspaper courses is around 83%

More than 70% of our students achieve A-C grades in all their exams first time around.
The national average for NCTJ newspaper courses is around 35%.

Our students win national awards

Scarlett Wrench won NCTJ News Reporter of the Year, 2011/12

My award entries were stories I wrote while on my internship with the Crawley Observer, one of my local papers. I owe a lot to the people I was working with there for trusting me to take on some of the bigger stories – rather than just leaving me to make tea and chase up missing cats.I’ve had so much to celebrate recently – my new job, leaving home for the first time, turning 22… I brought my Grandma to the awards to thank her for paying for my journalism course.

Scarlett Wrench, Graduate

Melissa Ittoo won the Public Affairs – Local Government prize of £250 for the highest result in the country in 2010

I am extremely honoured and delighted to have been awarded the prize for public affairs local government. This is undoubtedly a major success in my career pathway as a journalist. Thank you to everyone at Brighton Journalist Works for the hard work and great experience.

Melissa Ittoo, Graduate

Juliet Conway won the NCTJ Scoop of the Year, 2009

I was amazed even to be short-listed, but when I found out I won, I was over the moon. I got the scoop during my first week of the course.  The story was on the front page of The Argus the following day. It was all very surreal, but this award has really been the icing on the cake.”

Juliet Conway, Graduate

View Juliet’s front page story as a PDF

Steven Kelly won the NCTJ Scoop of the Year, 2008

I feel proud to say I’m now an award-winning journalist and that would not be possible had I not enrolled on the course.

Steven Kelly, Graduate

Nicola Corfield won the Public Affairs – Local Government prize of £250 for the highest result in the country for her exam, 2009.

I am delighted to have won the award for best NCTJ Public Affairs exam paper.

Lots of well-motivated students study for the NCTJ exams every year, so to be told that you’ve achieved the best marks in the country feels like a big achievement.

Nikki Corfield, Graduate

Nicola Newson won the Public Affairs – Central Government prize of £250 for the highest result in the country, 2009.

Winning the award for the best central government paper seems particularly appropriate as I am just about to start work as a researcher at the House of Lords. Studying at Journalist Works definitely helped me to land a great new job.

Nicky Newson, Graduate

We are proud of our graduates’ achievements

Hannah McGrath: News producer, Bloomberg News

Sarah Morgan: Sub-editor, Elle Decoration

Becky Barnes: Reporter, Reading Post

Luke Lambert: Reporter, The Echo, Essex

Paul Bradshaw: Journalist, Total Film

Al Horner: Writer, Q magazine

Caroline Knell: Sub-editor, MORE magazine

Soraya Auer: Feature writer, The Star, Bangladesh

George Walker:

The work experience Brighton Journalist Works sorted out for me at the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine became a full-time freelance contract.  After a while there I landed my job on Sky magazine.  It was a great course – and the work experience in invaluable.

Emma Laurence, Sky magazine

See more examples of graduate jobs here:

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