Cain is able (the story so far)…

12 02 2013

We always tell our student journalists that time races by on our Fast Track 14-week NCTJ course and this week rookie hack Daniel Cain has taken to his blog to sum up how life at Journalist Works simply shoots by when you are learning new, interesting stuff (and getting addicted to seeing your byline…)

Over to you, Daniel…

After the initial shock of the first couple of weeks on the course things have finally settled down enough for me to get my head around where I’m currently at.

It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve experienced things that I would never have done before I came here (nothing life changing but fun nonetheless). I’ve attended a protest at a university – something I never did in my time there – I’ve helped plant a community garden and I’ve attended magistrates court to take notes on live cases.

From a selfish perspective it’s been great, I’ve had four pieces published (two in the Leader and two in the Argus) but it’s the overall experience that has had the biggest impact and left me feeling like I am actually getting closer to my dream of becoming a paid journalist.

We’ve had some inspiring speakers visit us so far. We got to meet the Fleet Street Fox just a week before she revealed her real identity in the Times, we heard from the Chichester Observer editor Colin Channon and also freelance photographer Andrew Hasson, whose work has been used on everything and everywhere.

Each day brings something entirely new and opens your eyes to writing in a way that you had never thought about before. Take today for example. We had two scientists come in to guest speak about stats and data, on the face of it not everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely came out of it with a new outlook on how to process information in a way that’s not misleading and now know when the media is pulling the wool over our eyes.

Hopefully my story pool won’t dry up and I definitely need to start putting as much time into PA, production and law as I do shorthand and reporting… but it’s just too addictive seeing your name in print.

Roll on the next few weeks.




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