A brush with the unmasked Fox

11 02 2013

Anonymous Mirror columnist and Brighton Journalist Works regular speaker Fleet Street Fox finally unmasked herself today in The Times as Susie Boniface with a fascinating piece about life on the tabs.

Our students, however, already had the inside track after meeting her last week in person when she came to give a talk about her career in journalism.

Here’s what two of our trainees, Joe Riddle and Charlotte Ikonen, had to say about Fleet Street Fox’s wise words…


Tabloid journalism, anonymous blogging, and Jagermeister were among the topics discussed when a mystery writer came to Argus House this week.

Fleet Street Fox wasn’t pulling any punches as she spoke frankly about the pros and cons of life as a journalist in the 21st century.

She gave a stark and honest account of her experiences in the business as a roomful of trainee journalists listened on, eager to get a taste of what their future could hold.

One key message was about the importance of striking a balance between being a compassionate human being, and being ruthless enough to succeed.

According to the Fox, being enthusiastic “to the point most people would consider being unwell” will get you a long way, especially when coupled with unrelenting persistence and determination.



Enthusiasm to the point of mental illness is what it takes to be a journalist are the wise words of the great Fleet Street Fox, who gave an inspired speech today – yes, we did see what she looks like.

The best piece of advice was the importance of remembering who you are writing for. Each publication has a different readership, and the skill of a journalist is being able to adapt and change for the reader.

Apparently becoming a good journalist is about a balancing act; balancing the humane against the inhumane impulses. It is about running towards encounters that others run from, but at the same time not going too far (such as the recent hacking scandal).

Contrary to popular belief, journalists will always be needed, and as the next generation of journos, we have the opportunity to change the negative views into positive ones.

Right, now I am off to find a way of charging for news on the internet, to help save the journalist profession…………..




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