It Asda be good advice…

24 01 2013

It’s been nice to see some familiar faces popping back into Brighton Journalist Works this week. The September 2012 cohort are handing in final pieces of course work to get their NCTJ diplomas and have been wondering in and out of the office asking our admin superhero Tracy James to help them.

One student Mary Isokariari updated her blog (good girl – we love a regular blogger) and here were her parting words of wisdom to the new cohort: (who are busily beavering away in outline supremo Roxanne’s shorthand class as we write).

“So I passed my shorthand 80 wpm. Whoop, this is a big relief considering what a challenge it has been; my right index finger is still tender from all those hours of practicing …ouch. But it’s not over for me (bring out the violins) as I am yet to achieve my 100 wpm.

I have ONE DAY JUST ONE MORE DAY until I am free from the shackles of student life. I am so exhausted from all the studying; commuting every weekend, the lack of sleep, the quadruple-tasking and so on. I can’t wait until I can close my eyes without PA (Public Affairs) or shorthand tormenting my wee brain.

So for all you wannabe hacks that have started at Brighton Journalist Works, here are a few words of advice:

1) Start revising for PA now, no joke, the workload will seriously test your sanity.

2) Ditto for your PA feature.

3) Be prepared to throw tantrums and a few cushions over Shorthand, it’s not described as being ‘blood, sweat and tears’ for nothing. (Roxanne is roxmazing)

4) Asda will become your second home…correction Asda is your second home for the next 14 weeks,

5) And you’ll get know the staff, customers and their pets on a first name basis.

6) Embrace the discount shelf in Asda aka bargain galore.

7) Say ta ta to sleep.

8) Ladies, always carry a hat with you, umbrellas will simply not cut it against Brighton’s wind and rain.

9) Say goodbye to all your beloved soaps, dramas and cartoons as you’ll be constantly fighting against the clock to get through the hefty workload.

10) Enjoy it and good luck!




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