So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodnight….

13 12 2012

Well, its hankies at the ready here at the office as we start saying our farewells to the September 2012 cohort which are about to leave the cosy confines of Journalist Works here in Brighton and head off into the big wide world of the meeja. It’s been lovely (as ever) watching them toil away through the classroom window, tongues buried in their cheeks, concentration on their faces, as they grapple with the Teeline outline for animal, try and get their heads round the libel laws and bash out intro after intro before alighting on the perfect top line for their stories.

Watching the progress they make along the way is nothing short of miraculous (but then our teachers are pretty damn good, if we say so ourselves) and it’s great to see everyone grow in confidence about their writing skills. We also like to coo and smile, like we would do at a new born baby, when they come in the office holding aloft The Argus which contains one of their  lovely bylines (and the occasional splash, oh yes).

We always encourage our students to write about their experiences on the course so here’s one from Amy Roberts who we think it’s fair to say seems to have enjoyed her transformation into trainee journalist…

Good luck all of you!

The BJW team




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