Former BJW student lands celebrity writing role for Huff Post site

9 11 2012

Former BJW student Ellen Stewart has been celebrating after landing her dream job writing about celebs for the Huffington Post’s gossip and style site – and credits Brighton Journalist Works for opening the door for her through work experience.

But, as she explains, it didn’t just fall into her lap and she had to knuckle down and get on with interning for a year before she bagged the job.

Said Ellen: “I always wanted to work in women’s lifestyle media, and although a notoriously hard sector to crack I kept at it and finally all my work (and tea-making) landed me my dream job.

“The past year has been tough at times, but completely worth it. I got my foot through the door at Hearst magazines when BJW set me up on work experience on the subs desk at Esquire, and it all kicked off from there.

“Luckily my parents live at the heart of it all in London and I’ve been living rent-free. The majority of my internships were expenses-only, however, a few stints of paid work and setting myself up as a freelance sub meant I could make ends meet.

“Employers have been impressed with the amount of work I’ve managed to squeeze into a year so my advice to others trying to break into this industry is to keep at it, stay positive, and say yes – no task is ever too big or too small!”

Congratulations Ellen, we are utterly delighted with your news.




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