Nobody said it was easy…

12 10 2012

Listen, we never said it was going to be a ride in the park training to be a journalist, Tom!

Here’s an extract from student Tom Harper’s blog, telling it like it is at Brighton Journalist Works….

“It seems as though I’m starting to get into the habit of doing a blog every other week now. My intention was to do one at the end of each week, but the large workload I have had has stopped that from being the case unfortunately.

The last two weeks have once again given a whole new meaning to the word busy, although it has been very enjoyable at the same time.

I had my first patch story published on The Argus website, which was good to see. Even though I’ve had quite a few articles published in various different places in the past, it’s still good to see your name on a published article!

Shorthand has continued to be a challenge, but I feel as though I’m getting the hang of it after reaching a point last week where parts of it just stopped making sense. This time in two weeks, we will have finished the theory part of shorthand, leaving us with a few weeks of speed-building before the 60wpm exam in November.

Media Law remains my favourite aspect of the course at the moment. I wasn’t sure what to expect before the course started, but it has been really good so far and being able to apply certain laws to cases which are in the news at the moment has definitely helped with understanding certain parts of it.

The last couple of weeks have seen us leave The Argus building and go out to report on events in Brighton for the first time (not including patch stories).

A trip to the museum at Brighton Pavilion for the Biba exhibition wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it was good to go out and do some proper reporting as we will have to do when we hopefully all get jobs after the course!

A trip to Brighton Magistrates Court was more interesting, even though we didn’t actually view any proper cases. It has made me look forward to visiting Crown Court later in the course, where we should get the opportunity to see one or two proper cases and report on them.

We also had a talk from Fleet Street Fox, who uses her anonymity to express her opinion on Twitter and her blog which she would not be able to do if she revealed her name.

Whilst I found some aspects of her talk interesting, there were other parts of it which I didn’t enjoy as much and she seemed to be almost too cynical for quite a lot of it.

This weekend shall be spent catching up on sleep and doing work for all aspects of the course, with one or two patch stories to come out of it hopefully.”

Keep going Tom, it’s worth it!






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