Another success story…

2 10 2012

Here at Brighton Journalist Works there’s nothing we like more than hearing about our former students landing jobs (we take a short pause from typing away at our keyboards and eating Hob Nobs to cheer) so we were delighted to get the following message from recent BJWer Caroline Wilson!

“After my work experience at The Argus I was certain that I wanted to be a junior reporter so I applied for all possible jobs on Hold The Front Page.

One was in Retford (Nottinghamshire), one in Basildon, one in Truro and one in Plymouth – my career is more important to me than anything right now so I was willing to relocate anywhere.

For my application letter I laid it all out in the design of a newspaper front page using Quark Xpress which took quite a bit of time and effort and though I thought it was perhaps a bit risky doing this I wanted to do something to stand out as I knew there would be a lot of applications. The headline read ‘The fight is on – newspaper bosses battle it out to win top new junior reporter’ (cheesy I know!)
I got a call from the Retford Times inviting me for an interview so I spent a whole week researching everything there was to know about the place and went in full of enthusiasm with feature ideas and my portfolio full of work.

They called me a week later to say that unfortunately they had offered the job to someone who had just that bit more experience than me. As the team there was very small they were concerned about me taking on too much responsibility for my first role. They did however say that they loved my application letter and that it definitely stood out from the other candidates. They said they had passed my details on to The Boston Target (Lincolnshire) where they knew there was a vacancy coming up.

After feeling truly gutted about not getting the Retford job and thinking I wouldn’t hear anything from Boston I was amazed to get a call from them THE NEXT DAY telling me how much I’d impressed the Retford Times and that, after a quick chat with them, they offered me a job as a junior reporter to start asap!
So as soon as I’ve sorted out somewhere to live I’ll be moving up and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

My advice would be that if you truly want something then do everything and anything you can to get it and don’t give up!”

Well done, Caroline. Another BJW success story.





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