43 and never been spanked – don’t read this

5 04 2012

Got your attention?

Fleet Street Fox, the now-legendary tabloid reporter came to talk to Brighton Journalist Works students this week and said her most-read blog posts were headlined:  DON’T READ THIS and 43 AND NEVER BEEN SPANKED (about Michael Gove).

Her blog – fleetstreetfox.com – gets 100,000 hits a month, so she’s clearly doing something right.

Students lapped up her tales of tabloid fun. She said: “I’ve been lied to, lied about, travelled the world and wined and dined on someone else’s dime.”

Student Emily Noszkay writes:

“Posh voice but potty mouth. This was one of the first words uttered as Fleet Street Fox’s bushy tail exited the room at Brighton Journalist Works.

Never before had a guest speaker been so highly anticipated and although Esquire’s Jeremy White will continue to be talked about on a regular basis I expect Foxy’s leather skirt and leopard print heels will do the same for her.

Once we were all happy that Fleet Street Fox was not Samantha Brick and was in fact far more “lovely looking” (Brick’s words, not mine.) We were taken on a colourful rollercoaster ride of Foxy’s rise to fame.

Fleet Street Fox had always wanted to be a journo and pestered her local newspaper from the age of 14 until the age of 18 when she got a job. Two years later she was Chief Reporter.

She jumped feet first into the blood-thirsty jaws of Fleet Street and worked her way around several high profile tabloids. She got married, travelled the world, wrote a book, became a twitter phenomenon, hacked her husband’s phone, heard Denise Welch reach an orgasm and got divorced. Although, not in that order.

While this was all very entertaining, and provided me with my favourite quote of the year so far: “I hacked my husband’s phone but he was shagging a fat bitch, so that’s ok.” The real message we got, although littered with unprintable words, was that the highs of being a journo completely out-weighed the lows.

Fleet Street Fox told us we would be treated like second class citizens, called liars, have no employee rights,  exposed to sexism and people would never understand why we wanted to do our job.

If we hadn’t of been too scared to try to leave, a good portion of us probably would have. However her next point made us feel more like we could reach our dreams, albeit with a strong drink.

We were regaled with stories of deaths, births, scandals, expenses, sex, sex, bad breath, sex, and why we would hate our job most days.

However the glimmering hope was that we would not only be witnessing the events that everyone wanted to know about but would be writing that every one would be reading.

The spectacular opportunities that would come our way just by doing what we were passionate about was an opportunity too good to give up. Who knows, maybe we too would find out just how bad Eric Pickles breath really was.

In the words of the great Fleet Street Fox: “Where else would you be paid to down a pint of Jagermeister with jet lag for an experiment and survive.”




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