Behind the scenes at Sky TV

12 03 2012

MA in Multimedia Journalism students visit to Sky TV

Ever wanted to present a TV programme? A dozen of our students were able to do just that when the Broadcast Journalism course visited the Sky News studios.

The students experienced what it was like to sit in the presenter’s chair, stick the earpiece on and stare into the camera. They were in good hands. Their guide for the day was a man who certainly knows what he is talking about, Sky presenter Mark Longhurst, who just happens to be one of the course tutors as well.

The students discovered how a rolling news programme works from the ingest desk (that’s the stories and pictures coming in) to the pivotal role of the floor manager, from the editing suite where the film reports are knocked into shape to the director calling the shots in the gallery.

If you think presenting the weather might be a bit of a walk in the park, our students would tell you to think again. They had to point at a blank green-screen, keep one eye on the auto-cue, the other on a weather map, appear relaxed and look as if they knew what they were talking about. And smile.

“Quite simply, it was the best day of my life so far” – said Charlotte Complan who was knocked out by her Sky experience. “It was the perfect background to the course and convinced me that TV is where I want to be.” And, by

the way, the sandwiches in the Sky deli are to die for.  The students are all on the MA Multimedia Journalism course – a partnership between Brighton Journalist Works and Sussex University.




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