A very social media course

1 03 2012

Facebook is the third highest referer to The Argus website – that’s why trainee journalists learn all about social media in lectures at Brighton Journalist Works, writes Emily Hoquee.

Sarah Booker-Lewis, web editor at The Argus spoke to students about community, interactivity and social media.   She described how she has seen the internet change journalism over the last fifteen years and explained that it was vital readers are engaged and involved with content through new tools such as polls, forums and live blogs.

Facebook and Twitter have both grown fast and journalists can use these sites to promote their content and reach readers on an unprecedented scale. Flickr, Storify, Tumblr and Bambuser have also stepped onto the market and present a new ways for journalists to interact with readers through photos, video and blogging.

Sarah also stressed that Facebook and Twitter are not just great for connecting with readers, but can be useful for networking with other professionals who have similar interests. Image




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