Journalism student scoops front page at start of her course

1 02 2011

At Brighton Journalist Works all our students work on The Argus from day one of the course. Everyone has a “patch” to cover for their own community page on the Argus website: It’s hyperlocal news in action. But sometimes a hyperlocal story can lead to a printed front page, like today.

Scarlett Wrench writes:  “It was a quiet Friday night and instead of painting the town red I was sitting at home with a glass of wine and my laptop browsing Moulsecoomb community websites.

“I decided to read through a few of the local school newsletters, hoping for some nice little story about an 8-year-old virtuoso musician or a fun charity event when I came across a notice about incidents of “physical aggression” and “abusive language” by parents at Moulsecoomb Primary.

“It was about midnight by now so I decided to just quickly put something up on the Argus community page and I sent a link to Lee Gibbs, the news editor who responded quickly saying that they would try and do something with the story.

“I got a call from reporter Emily-Ann Elliott on Monday, the school were, predictably, unwilling to comment but Emily extended my original article, re-worded a few bits, added extra comments and it made the front page today.




One response

2 02 2011
Jo Wadsworth (Argus web editor)

Congratulations Scarlett! A great example of how hard work getting to know a local community (and on a Friday night!) can throw up some fantastic stories. I hope it inspires the rest of the class to carry on looking for hyperlocal stories, as there have also been some good stories appearing on the community site over the past week. Not all of them will travel as well as Scarlett’s, but all of them will be of interest to the people living in those neighbourhoods, which is the main brief.

Keep digging!

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