How contacts at BJW got me my first job – Monica Adorno

18 01 2011

I was offered the job at while I was studying for my NCTJ exams, writes Monic Adorno.

People often say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know; well, this was partly true for me. If I hadn’t gone to the school then I wouldn’t have met Pete.

Pete teaches sub-editing and his wife was looking for a Spanish editor for a snow sports website. We exchanged a few emails, I got offered the job and the rest as they say is history. The tutors at Brighton Journalist Works gave me the know-how and also provided me with the contacts I’d need to get my journalism career started.

I started writing features immediately. It was Christmas so Alicia, Pete’s wife and European Editor for onthesnow, put me straight to work on a Christmas and New Year guide for Spanish skiers.

I’ve since worked on a product guide and am in the process of writing up an interview with a pro snowboarder.

As the second Spanish editor my job involves coming up with story ideas which then get commissioned, translating articles and suggesting improvements to the website. I think that in order to get the most out of any freelance writing job you have to be effective with your time management.

My first guide took me ages to write but it was so satisfying to see the finished product on the web and it’s fantastic to be getting paid to write about a topic that I love – which was the whole point really!




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