Scouting for talent at BJW!

30 11 2010

The head of a major newspaper group came to talk to Brighton Journalist Works students this week – and he said he had jobs on offer, and plenty of tips on how to get them.

Alan Geere, head of Northcliffe Media in the south east, has 45 newspapers under his wing and employs more than 200 journalists.

“What I love about journalism is that it’s still a bit of the Wild West, it’s not brain surgery, and you can start now. Get yourself in on work experience, get organised, make yourself indispensable and never leave,” he told the room of 25 students from the Fast Track NCTJ Certificate in Journalism course and some students studying for an MA in Multimedia Journalism with BJW and the University of Sussex.

So how to get that work experience?

He dispensed valuable advice on CVs and cover letters, and what to say, and NOT say in an interview, the subject of separate blogs, coming soon. He also took time out to talk to eight keen students who all said they wanted a job with him. He invited them to send  their CVS and cover letters by Friday. Surrey Mirror editor Deanne Blaylock accompaniedhim and said she was scouting for talent at BJW.




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