All in the game

20 10 2010

At a recent session on blogging for journalists, at Brighton Journalist Works, students were asked to write about their own experience of blogging. Here’s Tom Doyle on his: 

I’ve predominantly used my blog as a way of advertising my writing to, well, anybody that will read it! I set up my blog in June, and managed a whole three articles in three months, which was a poor attempt at trying to see if people interested in what I had to say, as I wasn’t saying anything.

However, in September I realised that I was starting my NJCT course with Brighton Journalist Works in a month, so panic set in. Handily, I was working as an online news writer for a small company called Big Briefs; our job was to provide video games news and previews for TalkTalk’s website, so I thought it’d be a great way to effectively dump all of my writing on to one internet page, rather than telling people to look for my work across the oceans of internet pages, knowing that they wouldn’t do so. The operative word is dump, as the blog is currently a bit of a mess!

There are quite a few gaming news stories, a few football opinion pieces, and album reviews. I’ve also applied to be a live music preview writer for the Brighton What’ On Guide; if I get that, then I’ll be uploading quite a few live previews of shows in and around Brighton in the coming months, with more live/album reviews to go with them.

Since I’ve started the course, I was informed that due to financial reasons there’ll be no more work from TalkTalk, which is a minor kick in the teeth in terms of the volume of blogging I was getting into the swing of in September, although it’s a great place to put up any news stories that I find for myself on my patch for The Argus.

On Thursday 14 October I uploaded an article about a poetry event at Hove Library from the previous night, and provided a hyperlink to the community page on The Argus site where it is also placed, so I’m getting into the swing of combining all the different aspects of social media in one (albeit clumsy) fell swoop.

I think I’m trying to be all things to all people (well, all two followers so far), so perhaps a bit of refinement here and there wouldn’t go amiss in terms of providing a consistent form of text and pictures, and adjusting the page so that the multi-coloured candy background doesn’t blind readers.




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