What am I doing here?

17 10 2010

By Sabiha Choudhury

I’ve been asked to share my reasons for blogging and explain what my blog is about.

As a woman in my thirties, and being mum to a teenager, having only just decided on a career path I find myself feeling isolated at times from others going through similar experiences.

The combination of my parental status and the fact that I’m at the beginning of my career journey makes me feel unique.  This is not meant to sound narcissistic, just that I have not come across anyone in the same situation.  Except for my sister, perhaps, but she doesn’t exactly represent a wide demographic, since we both come from the same family.

This particular blog is about day-to-day experiences, though I’m thinking of starting a professional one soon.  My experiences are nothing special, and my posts won’t interest anyone who doesn’t know me.

For me, blogging is a way to feel connected, knowing others can easily stumble across my blog.  It’s my way of expressing myself to an audience whom I wouldn’t otherwise come across.




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