Chronicle of a new life

17 10 2010

Ed Wiseman:

About 112,000,000 blogs pollute the internet, largely without any real content or consequence. I bowed to peer pressure a month ago and started Good Morning Brighton, which was going to be an occasionally updated chronicle of my new life in Brighton.

Four weeks later and Good Morning Brighton has little to do with me and more to do with what’s happening in the city. What I found was that I had no time to blog about what I was doing because I was too busy doing what I was doing, and that what made it onto Good Morning Brighton and Twitter tended to be what I’d seen while out and about.

WordPress offers all sorts of statistics, so it isn’t hard to see which posts are popular and what days have been successful.

I tagged along with the SmashEDO protesters yesterday, and using a plethora of social media I was able to upload photographs and text while in a field or behind a police cordon. The last two days have seen a massive spike in views, as people tune in to Good Morning Brighton and my Twitter page, @morningbrighton, to see photographs and a first hand account of what happened on the Downs and on Lewes Road yesterday.

The most interesting blogs aren’t about their author.




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