Pimpled, single and inadequate

16 10 2010

Cormac Reynolds gets it off his chest

I’m pimpled, single and inadequate and my blog is yellow and it has a pretty picture of a Gaudi mosaic on top with a mixture of lots of bits and bobs written underneath. (No nasty layout issues or surprises when you log or ever meet me so.) I don’t have a cauliflower nose and subjectively I wouldn’t say I’m too seedy.

I don’t really deal in the “cos it’s ironic yeah?” statement of the noughties in my blog. Hence, it’s mainly news orientated with a penchant for a rant here or there; mainly on current affairs or the everyday happenings I witness that are powerful enough to subtly alter my wretched visage.

I began blogging for two reasons; I write fiction and to verse to the world my healthy opinions shaped by the sub conscious remnants of Catholicism in my mind. “Shout it from the hilltops, Cormac”, I say in a muffle twenty times before I sleep each night, lest my girlfriend tells me to be quiet and suck my thumb.




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