Creating a blogging empire

16 10 2010

By Michelle Arthurs

I am now the proud owner of two blogspots. One is nearing its first birthday, and the other is only a few weeks old.

As an obsessive compulsive ‘triathlete’ I began my first blog to keep on top of training, and include the odd whimsical little story about what I learnt from the experience. It is very easy to come up with whimsical little stories when one spends hours swimming, biking and running because those sorts of activities are great for inspiring weird but moderately interesting thoughts.

I then began a course in journalism, did some work experience, and had a few sports features published in and on various publications. I began to load them onto my singular blog.

After a few weeks of doing this I realised that my blog was a little confused about its identity. Interviews and news features were becoming entangled with strange little musings and training diaries and it wasn’t all too clear what the purpose of the blog was anymore.

So, I made a decision. I created a ‘Michelle Arthurs Blogging Empire’ – by bringing to life blog number two.

Blog one: Ramble On,  is now home  to sports features, interviews and genuine articles from the sporting world.

Blog two:  Training by Numbers, is where I keep track of my own poor attempts at athletic endeavours.

Blog two, though by far my favourite and the most enjoyable one to write, is rather non-consequential and doesn’t really require analysis of the ‘how can I improve this’ variety as it has no chance of ever being more than a personal diary.

Blog one, on the other hand, could benefit from some careful taking apart and a little bit of nurture. At the moment, the articles are all rather random, I load as I write and write as I load and the result is a bit of a scramble.

A little bit more introduction at the beginning of each piece might be enough to resolve this issue but ideally I’d like to learn to order and organise the articles so I can put them into folders and be generally tidy.

The visual side of the blog needs some serious re-thinking, too. Blog one recently had a total re-style, to turn it from a personal little ramble space with a scrap book of photos and links to a more professional looking advertisement of my writing. The problem is, the poor little bloggy is now far too professional and bordering on the line of ‘boring.’

A couple of pictures and maybe a little more information about the author (yours truly) could really turn the blog around. A picture banner as the headline would also help to break the corporate ‘lifted from a template’ style.

Blogging is a fun little adventure and a great chance to have an informal gander at the sporting world and its myriad achievements. I’d like my blog to represent the excitement and buzz that is always present in the ‘active sphere,’ so a little bit of tinkering would certainly not go amiss.




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