Traffic accident leaves Kemp Town student sucking straws.

12 10 2010

Sussex Uni and Brighton Journalist Works MA Multimedia Journalism student Daniel Coutts has written a small piece for us about his classmate’s bike accident, who despite two broken elbows still turned up to class.

BJW student, Harry

A cyclist suffered two fractured elbows yesterday morning after colliding head first into the side of a moving car.

Harry Cockburn, a 24 year old student from Kemp Town, didn’t notice that the car ahead was turning left, causing him to crash into the side of the vehicle. The student proceeded to fly head first over the handle bars of his bike, as well as the bonnet of the car, before landing on the road. The incident occurred at around 8:15am on Edward Street.

Fortunately, Cockburn was wearing a helmet and sustained no other major injuries. He was later treated at the nearby Royal Sussex County hospital. Asked how he was feeling, the injured cyclist said: “I need a straw to drink a cup of tea now – but other than that, I’ll live!”

The driver of the vehicle sustained no injuries and the police were not informed.

Thanks for this, Daniel. We hope to see some more of your articles in the coming weeks. And, get well soon Harry!




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