Michelle’s Work Experience

11 10 2010

Former BJW intern and now student, Michelle

Michelle, who is currently on our September course, has been telling us about her experience at the National Magazine Company.

Michelle was Brighton Journalist Works‘ intern last term and with help from our expansive list of contacts she got some great work experience and bylines.

“Last month I spent three weeks working in the NatMag offices, writing bits and pieces for a couple of my favourite magazines, RunnersWorld and Triathlete’s World. The experience gave me an insight into the industry, how the magazines work, and who produces them.

“I got the work experience thanks to Paula, who put me in touch with someone from Esquire. He then sent me a contact address to the Runner’s World editor, Andy Dixon. I emailed him my CV, and a link to my blog.”

**BJW would advise any budding wannabe journalist to consider writing a blog to show potential employers the versatility of your writing!**

She continued: “I wrote a number of short product reviews and race reports, as well as some longer pieces. I carried out about six interviews whilst I was working there, which I later wrote up and edited.

“I have never really interviewed before, so again I was surprised by the amount of trust placed in me, and this made me eager to prove myself worthy.

“Hopefully, having had a foot in the door, I might find myself there once again, on a more permanent basis. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep Rambling, Writing, and Running!”




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