Cat works for Latest TV

25 10 2010

Cat is 4th right

Brighton Journalist Works student Cat Barker has been on location in France with Latest TV.  She volunteered to do some work experience with the magazine and within days was across the channel.

She was covering “Nuit Blanch” in Amiens.  Follow her experience on her blog:

It was an early start on Saturday, but the sun was shining and spirits were high as 9 Brighton bands, Latest TV and me piled into the coach heading to Amien, France for the Nuit Blanch Festival. I must just metion at this stage how shocked I was to find out that the Euro Tunnel is less like a tunnel-and more like a large metal coffin for vehicles! Once we arrived at Amien and got settled into our hotel, we were off to catch some footage of the protest. This was an experience in itself, probably the most controlled protest I have ever seen, children in prams, elderly members of the public and students all joined in the protest against the government’s handling of the economic crisis.

After a much needed beverage after all the protesting we met up with the White Night director on behalf of Brighton City Council, Donna Close. Once recieving our press badges, we headed down to the opening of Nuit Blanche where Thierri Bonte (the vice president of international affairs) said how pleased he was ” we have become great friends with Brighton through Nuit Blanche.” Donna also commented on the three year partnership between the two cities and said how pleased she was to see Brighton students at nuit blanche and that she looks forward to seeing more French students at white night.

We were then handed a glass of purple champagne (that is the best way I could describe the fizzy purple liquid) and given a chance to view the different arts. I would love to mention all of these, but Im afraid it would take me all week, so I will tell of a few of my favourites. The first of these being Brighton artist Sam Hewitt, of fortunecat productions. The name says it all, fortune cats. These great big cats were placed in a courtyard and I watched in amazement as people flooded over to get their fortunes told by these charming cheshires. Sam will be exibiting an Installation Piece Performance at white night this year between 8 and 4 at The Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street.

The exhibitions were placed all over the city including building size table lamps, cutting edge light and projection displays and live painting. But my favourite of all , I say this trying not to sound biast, was seeing the hidden talent of our Brighton bands.

The show was kicked off by DJ Jeff Hemmings from Radio Reverb and the first act was Rayon Breed followed by solo artist Emily Baker, then the only band to recieve a cry for an encore Darius Alexander who spoke to me after the show and said that they were hoping playing at nuit blanche would open up some doors for the band. Girl band duet Peggy Sue were next on, followed by Jumping Ships, Mirrors and the electrifying Soccer 96.

These bands were not only enthusiastic and determined, but also very focused young adults who I believe are going to go very far in thier chosen fields. The enthusiasm lasted all the way back to Brighton on Sunday despite most of us having a total of 3 hours sleep!

It was a fantastic experience and I am very thankful to Latest TV for giving me the opportunity to go along and I am looking forward to attending white night in Brighton on the 30 October.

You can see Cat’s youtube vid:

If you wish to volunteer for Latest TV go to:


Bea starts new subbing job!

20 10 2010

Brighton Journalist Works graduate Bea Forrest has recently started her new job as a sub editor for a company called VRL.

VRL is renowned for producing and publishing magazines/journals for the financial industry.

Bea has shown real determination. She said: “I went along for a first interview which also included a proofreading test.”

Prior to this Bea had gained work experience with Esquire magazine for two weeks but she has not forgotten who helped her at the start: “I wanted to thank you for your support and advice on the course. And can you also thank Pete for me as he was such a good teacher!”

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