George Walker becomes fashion journalist

29 09 2010

Fashionable George

Brighton Journalist Works graduate George Walker emailed us last week to tell about of his new job.

“Starting at Brighton Journalist Works, I wasn’t quite sure what area of journalism I wanted to work in.  I wasn’t sure if I preferred writing features and culture news or searching for news stories. I’d enjoyed both, so I came to the course with an open mind and no definite plan of action for my career.”

During his time at BJW he completed two weeks on websites owned by Delightful Media which included:

“Reporting from London Fashion Week, attending industry events and eventually working as the men’s style editor for the vintage site – and spent a month at the fashion desk of The Independent.

“I am now a journalist for My main tasks are writing product descriptions and designer biogs for the website, but (as we all know from interning) if you ask to do more, you will get to do more, so last week I wrote a five-page menswear feature.

“It’s an exciting place to be as the company is really growing, with the editorial content becoming more and more innovative and wide-ranging. The people are also brilliant, so don’t believe all those Devil Wears Prada clichés you hear about!

“After that, I knew I wanted to work in lifestyle and fashion journalism. I wouldn’t have got my job without all this work experience and I wouldn’t have got the work experience without Brighton Journalist Works.”

Congratulations George!




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