FOI made easy as ABC

15 09 2010

Matt Davis, one of the best

MATTHEW DAVIS is Brighton Journalist Works’ Media Law lecturer and let us tell you, he is one of the best in the country!

Matt is an expert in Freedom of Information – and makes his living selling stories to the national newspapers on the back of FOI requests.  He has his own website dedicated to the Freedom of Information Act.

For all those that don’t know the FOI act only came to be in the year 2000 and allows people, if they follow the correct procedures, to “have access to official information and the right to request information from any public authority.”

The most recent MP’s expenses scandal would never have come to light if it wasn’t for the Act so we should celebrate the fact BJW have such a great informant on our books, and he’s a nice guy too!

Check his website at:




2 responses

15 09 2010
Donna Vaughan


I can vouch for Matthew being a bl**dy good Media Law tutor. I was really impressed with his level of knowledge and understanding of English media law.

And as for FOI! Even experienced journalists agree that Matthew is THE expert.

A privilege to be taught by him.

10 07 2012
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