Saturday Subs students land jobs

6 09 2010

New BBC employee Rosie

Col Bernhardt and Rosie Rogers who were both on Brighton Journalist Works‘  Saturday Subbing Course from January to April this year,  have just got jobs.

Col said: “I wanted to thank you as I’ve started some freelancework on the subs desk at William Reed in Crawley. I have mostly been working onthe Morning Advertiser, but also Restaurant mag and M&C Report.

“It’s part-time and it’s well-paid, the other folk there are lovely, and I’m putting into practice everything I learnt on the course! I’ve now been doing it for three months, so even if doesn’t carry on for much longer, it’s still been a great experience!”

Rosie, on the other hand has just landed a job in the BBC!

She emailed us this week and said: “I will be employing many of the copy-editing skills I learnt during my course. I even had a test in my first BBC interview, which I was more than prepared for thanks to the exam! Whilst I know there will be a steep learning curve, I am very excited I would just like to thank the Journalist Works for teaching me the skills to get the job in the first place!”

Congratulations to both and glad we could help




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