Students get with the blogging beat

7 06 2010
Laura Oliver

Laura Oliver, editor,

Students at Brighton Journalist Works were urged to embrace the social media revolution by Laura Oliver, editor at, when she gave a talk to them recently. Following Laura’s visit, John Keenan presented a session on blogging and using WordPress. Then the students were thrown in the deep end and tasked with creating their own blogs beginning with an account of Laura’s presentation. Here is a selection of their efforts:

Melissa Ittoo

Budding reporters were urged to “get online” and embrace the social media revolution in a talk given today to NCTJ students at Brighton Journalist Works. Laura Oliver, editor of, discussed with students the benefits social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook could bring to journalists in updating their skills and improving their employability in a rapidly changing media landscape.

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Emily Atherden

 Tweeting is the way forward for journalists today according to Laura Oliver, editor of who advised students from JournalistWorks to embrace social media. Laura gave a short talk to students about the changing media landscape and to advise them on what puts them ahead of the bunch when it comes to hunting down a job at the end of their studies.

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Richard Currie

 The landscape of journalism is changing, Laura Oliver, editor of told Journalist Works students yesterday. Of course, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years you would probably know this already. The internet is rife with journalist bloggers forecasting the death of print and a total transition to digital media, but how true is this common notion?

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Rebecca Taylor

Journalists are having to hone their business skills as the modern world and its dizzying technologies increasingly impinge on the old familiar comfort zones of the profession. This was the main thrust of online editor Laura Oliver’s talk to NCTJ students at Journalist Works today. With the diminishing money-pulling power of both digital and traditional print media, new and inventive ways are being sought to raise finance.

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 Davet Hyland

At a presentation on the state of the media industry delivered to Journalist Works students today, Laura Oliver, editor of, declared that the old model of getting into the workplace is not dead but is definitely changing. She then painted a picture of shrinking newsrooms, tighter margins and a more competitive job market as reasons why things aren’t what they used to be.

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Donna Vaughan

Laura Oliver of was at Brighton Journalist Works today to tell us about the skills needed in the world of journalism today. “Be aware of new media,” said Laura, “get online, start blogging and tweeting and be social media savvy. “Twitter is an accelerated contacts book. it won’t replace the contacts you make in person or over the phone, but it is another network that can be extremely valuable.”

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Michael Taylor

“Legal errors are too costly not to have another pair of eyes.” So said Laura Oliver, Editor of, when asked about the future of subs. Five weeks in to an intensive journalism course, these are exactly the sort of things you need to hear: pithy, memorable and, most importantly, true.

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Simon Hadley

Laura Oliver, Editor of, heralded the rise of the entrepreneurial blogger and urged new journalists to “get online”, in a talk given today for NCTJ students at Brighton’s Journalist Works. Her 45 minute talk focused on the changing media landscape and how journalist’s skills must continue to be updated and developed if they are to prosper. “Business isn’t just for business journalists” she said and pointed out the wealth of data being released by public bodies means that numeracy skills are almost as much use to journalists today as good news sense.

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