Editor urges journalism students to adapt and conquer

27 05 2010

Laura Oliver, Editor of journalism.co.uk, heralded the rise of the entrepreneurial blogger and urged new journalists to “get online”, in a talk given today for NCTJ students at Brighton’s Journalist Works.

Her 45 minute talk focussed on the changing media landscape and how journalist’s skills must continue to be updated and develop if they are to prosper.

“Business isn’t just for business journalists” she said and pointed out that the wealth of data that is released by public body’s means that numeracy skills are almost as much use to journalists today as good news sense.

Drawing attention to stars of the blogosphere such as BlogPreston and PoliticsCymru, she said that advertising their skills through their own endeavours can bring bloggers to employer’s attention and could be decisive in landing a job.

These sites show that journalists should find a niche and learn how to market themselves.  Modern social media tools have become essential for this.  Laura said:

“A few years ago, I’d have thought that Twitter was just a passing fad, but it’s things like this and blogging that have stolen a march on traditional media”.




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27 05 2010

Oops shame we spelled journalism.co.uk wrong!

27 05 2010


27 05 2010


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