New photography course

18 02 2010

Get Paid For Your Photos! Master Class.

April 10, 11, 17 and 18


Are you passionate about photography? Do you dream of seeing your photos published and getting paid for it?

Very soon you could be a whole step closer to realising your dream. You could be getting paid for your photographs in only a couple of months’ time!

Imagine that. Getting your photos paid for AND published in a national broadsheet. Or… selling your pictures as prints.

What stands between you and your dream future is… WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW – about getting your photographs published and paid for.

Which of these photos is the more valuable… and to whom? Can you tell?

“Being a successful photographer or even just being good at talking about it is not the same as making a living from it, which Andrew will explain to you. Listen carefully, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Ray Wells, Chief Picture Editor, The Sunday Times, London

What are the Techniques You Need?

  • What are the techniques that separate camera owners from established freelancers?
  • How do you possibly deal with all the lighting issues while on location?
  • How do you find picture stories that will wow an editor?
  • How do you pitch them?

On this course, Andrew’s experience, gleaned from 25 years of top level photography,  is yours to tap.

“When I first started out as a freelance photographer, it took me many years to discover just what, exactly, picture editors, photo libraries, greeting card companies etc needed in order to take photos that would sell.  On this course, I will be explaining all you need to know and understand to take terrific shots that you will be paid for and see published.” 

Andrew Hasson

This shot was used in a school’s prospectus.Schools desire photos that create a valuable perception.Pictures like this are both in demand and fun to take.Andrew’s Master Class will show you how.
Commercial shots like this one can be lucrativeBy networking you can get commissioned to take pictures such as these.Business owners are always looking for new promotional shots. Their marketing is reliant on fresh images.

The Master Class

  • Understanding the Press Marketplace
  • Niche Markets
  • Pitching Ideas and Photos
  • Meeting a brief
  • Portraiture
  • Still Life
  • Field Trip
  • Preparing Digital Images
  • Caption Writing
  • Photo Presentation

“The fact that Andrew has worked for so many major national and international newspapers and magazines over such a long period says a great deal about him. There are many photographers who can take pictures but there are far fewer who, like Andrew, understand the industry and the wider requirements of their craft to the degree that marks them out as true professionals.”


Neil Turner, former Chief Photographer at the Times Educational Supplement and currently Vice-Chairman of the British Press Photographer’s Association

“Andrew Hasson is a photographer you can rely on: to get the shot, meet the deadline, cajole the subject and to deliver consistent quality year in, year out.


We have worked together over many years and many publications and I count him as a must in my contacts book. He always gets the job done, which is something all picture editors need. He’s also a lovely man with a good eye and I highly recommend him as a teacher.” Melanie Grant, photographic agent

A Maximum of 12 Places Available

This has been limited so that you can enjoy more time individually with Andrew.



The course itself is taking place at Argus House, home of The Argus newspaper and journalist training centre Brighton Journalist Works.

We’ll be using their journalist training centre, and venturing out to a local event for picture opportunities.

Experience is Needed

Students attending this course must have plenty of experience using a digital SLR camera. It is also essential that you have basic skills in using Adobe Photoshop.



Two weekend (4 day) course

Saturday April 10 and 17

Sunday   April  11 and 18

Each day is 10am – 4:30pm



To Apply



Phone: Gill on 01273 272911

A don’t miss opportunity to learn from an established, highly regarded photographer

This master class can make a big difference to your photographic career, whether you are a press photographer, wedding photographer, wild-life or people photographer – this is the course that will help you develop fast.

Post-course you’ll spot countless opportunities to supply photos here, there and everywhere. Your freelance career will be up and running.

Andrew Hasson, has been a professional freelance photographer for more than 25 years.

His images are used in The Times, The Guardian and every other national newspaper, as well as magazines as diverse as Country Life and Take a Break.

He has worked with the BBC, Channel 4 and Five, producing publicity pictures for listings, magazines and DVD covers.




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